Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Golf Vacation with more destinations and options!

My Golf Vacation with more Golf Destinations and Options!

My Golf Vacation provides some of the best golf packages in the South and is currently working on adding more areas and providing more options in the states that golf travelers love.  As My Golf Vacation, along with Virginia Golf Packages and Tennessee GolfTrip continue to evolve by adding more course, lodging, and areas for golfers to visit.  The main focus for My Golf Vacation is the continued focus of providing a great experience for its golf patrons.  At My Golf Vacation a continued focus is put on what is going to be the best for the customer and what options, course knowledge, and ways can it provide a better golfing experience for its customers.

My Golf Vacation handles several states and areas, including Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, and more.  With state specific sites in Tennessee and Virginia to provide a more regional presence and hopefully more state information on golf package, course, and lodging information for each state.

Tennessee covers great areas such as Nashville, Knoxville (Tellico Village), Crossville, Chattanooga, Memphis, and more.  Kentucky covers the Lexington and Louisville areas.  Virginia currently offers Williamsburg (A top golf destination), Virginia Beach, and Richmond.  However, Virginia is looking at a look of different areas and options that will hopefully be released and available starting in the fall of 2014.  Mississippi covers Tunica and casino lodging.  South Carolina includes a large variety of Myrtle Beach options, as well as Hilton Head and Charleston.  North Carolina will allow you to choose from almost every course in the Village of Pinehurst area, plus some options for Raleigh and Asheville.

Also, in order to better serve repeat customers and larger groups My Golf Vacation may look into other options, states, or destinations that are not currently with in the states or areas covered.  My Golf Vacation strives to offer the best golf packages in the South, as well as provide superior customer service.  Happy future golf travel planning!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Warm weather in the South and time for golf travel!

Warm temperatures and beautiful weather throughout the South today and it's time to book you spring golf package if you haven't already!

Kentucky Golf Packages
Virginia Golf Packages
Tennessee Golf Packages
Village of Pinehurst Golf Packages
Myrtle Beach Golf Packages
Tunica Golf Packages

Check out any of the above links for the best golf packages throughout the South!  Why wait until the summer and travel North.  Escape the cold and snow and get golfing today!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Virginia Golf Packages and More

Virginia Golf Packages and More

Check out the latest Virginia Golf Packages at Virginiagolfpackages.com or Mygolfvacation.com.  Add our newest Virginia golf course and the premier golf facility to your next Williamsburg golf trip by checking out The Federal Club in Richmond, Virginia.  Also, check out some really great Kentucky Golf Packages with outstanding courses like Big Blue, Wildcat, and more.  Kentucky golf has plenty to offer and shorter travel time from the north the most golf package destinations.

The Federal Club
The Federal Club - Richmond, Virginia
Looking for a specific golf package:
Golf Package Homepage
Virginia Golf Packages
Tennessee Golf Packages
South Carolina Golf Packages
North Carolina Golf Packages
Kentucky Golf Packages
Tunica Golf Packages
Virginia Golf

Friday, January 10, 2014

Virginia Golf and Williamsburg Golf Packages

Williamsburg, Virginia and Virginia Golf Packages offer one of the most popular golf packages in the state.  Explore a Virginia golf vacation that includes lunch and 2 beers with each round and a better deal with the more rounds of golf you play.  Also, if you are one of those golfers that mean a golf trip is a golf trip, consider upgrading to unlimited golf.  Traditional Golf Properties and Fords Colony represent a collection of 6 of the championship golf courses the Williamsburg area offers.  Featuring Royal New Kent that has been rated a “Top 100 Public Golf Course”. Royal New Kent was designed by Mike Stantz, who also created another local favorite in Stonehouse Golf Club.  Brickshire and 3 courses at Fords Colony that have been given plenty of accolades as well and round out this group of 6 great golf courses.  Virginia Golf, especially in Williamsburg represents some of the finest golf on the East Coast.  With a great mixture of golf courses, with some that are challenging and others that is just enjoyable to play.  It will provide your golf package with plenty of options and memories whichever way you decide to go.  Williamsburg also offers plenty of lodging options from economic hotels to comfortable and spacious villas.  With plenty of history, restaurants, and other attractions, I think your golf group would agree that Williamsburg is a great golf destination and love to go back year after year!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spring Golf Packages Booking Fast

Virginia Golf Packages - Myrtle Beach Golf Packages - The Village of Pinehurst Golf Packages

Word to the wise.  It is time to plan and book your spring golf packages.  It's a new year with looks of golf packages going out and lots of groups starting to book.  It's time to get things in order and booked before some of the more popular courses and golf destinations start to book up and prime tee times and lodging are more difficult to find.  Virginia Golf makes for a great weekend get away location for Northeastern golfers to escape from the snow for a few days and have an opportunity at good golfing weather.  So, don't delay and start organizing your spring golf to one of the many locations that Virginia Golf Packages and My Golf Vacation has to offer!  Happy New Year and Happy Golfing in 2014!